The moment you walk in, you will notice the difference — smiling residents enjoying each other's company, friendly staff greeting you, and the aroma of freshly-baked cookies. Experience what makes The Manse on Marsh an exceptional Senior Living Community. 

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“A vibrant, caring community where you can live a full life.”

Assisted Living San Luis Obispo

Welcome to The Manse on Marsh, the finest assisted living community in all of San Luis Obispo County. At The Manse on Marsh, our staff consists of the friendliest individuals who love to do their part in assisting the senior community. You’ll notice when you walk in that our residents are happy as can be, and all enjoy the company of one another.

As proud members of our community, we put forth the utmost effort in making sure that our residents are well taken care of and given a safe environment in our San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Community. We offer our residents a wide range of options and lifestyle choices the perfect blend of independence, privacy, and safety all within the comforts of home. Some lifestyle choices we offer include studios and single-bedrooms, as well as adjacent homes and cottages with the ability to add care and services as needed.

In addition to complimentary services offered with our independent options, we here at The Manse on Marsh provide as much or as little assistance as you request. We have trained and experienced caregivers and medication technicians on-site 24/7 so that we can meet the needs of each individual resident. All residents living in the community are given a pendant that is used to contact staff and request assistance whenever they may need it. We keep all individual residents’ independence and dignity in mind with each service provided, and we also provide discreet check-ins five times a day for each individual resident, regardless of their healthcare needs. We make their beds in the morning, bring three meals a day, and take out their trash at night.

But The Manse on Marsh isn’t only for permanent stays, we also accept temporary stays as well as respite stays for those on their way to better health. Make no mistake, however, even temporary stays include full-access to our care department and services provided by them. Short-term stays are ideal for individuals that are not yet ready to leave a transitional facility, but at the same time aren’t ready to resume the responsibilities of housekeeping. We’ll work in close connection with respite residents’ rehabilitation programs to continue making progress all the while providing them the opportunity to relax and socialize in a safe environment.

Visit The Manse on Marsh, the finest San Luis Obispo Assisted Living community throughout the Central Coast. Give us a call and book a tour at (805) 541-4222.