Learn from Me, Learn from You Outreach Program



The signature activity of The Manse on Marsh is its "Learn from me, Learn from you" outreach program. The purpose of the program is to connect our senior community at The Manse with the greater community of the Central Coast and San Luis Obispo

Inviting various groups to participate in activities and seminars, The Manse on Marsh hosts engaging and exciting life-long learning opportunities on a regular basis. In the past we’ve hosted dance classes, game tournaments, learning seminars from Cal Poly and much more.



"Learn from me, Learn from you" is unique because learning is not a one-way street.  That means we have a lot to both learn and share within our community.  In fact many of our residents that attend these events also play host as well.  This means that everyone is provided the opportunity to organize and/or join a teaching session.  We feel that the ability to share life’s experiences is an ultimate win-win for everyone involved!