Are you an Arroyo Grande resident in need of a top notch assisted living facility? The Manse on Marsh is just the place to go for central coast retirement villages! Here at The Manse on Marsh, our staff consists of friendly, selfless individuals with an unparalleled passion for senior care. Located at 475 Marsh Street, we are directly in the heart of San Luis Obispo, where all the beauty of California’s Central Coast can be taken in from the comfort of home. The beautiful, lively scenery, stunning green hillsides, and warm ocean air flowing through in the wind all just add to the unrivaled majesty of the location.

Arroyo Grande is a small coastal town between Pismo Beach and Santa Maria with a population of 18,097. It is 10 miles from the beach and is known for its vintage housing and historic roots. Many of the houses in Arroyo Grande are over 100 years old, and was once a stagecoach stop along what is now Highway 101. A common tourist attraction in Arroyo Grande is the Swinging Bridge, originally constructed in early 1875 by the Short family whose land was divided by the Arroyo Grande Creek. It spans 171 feet across and is suspended 40 feet above the creek. It is owned and maintained by the City of Arroyo Grande, and to this day is the only one of its kind in California.