Conducting a San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Facility Safety Check

Every San Luis Obispo assisted living is checked on a regular basis by the California Department of Social Services to ensure that they are safe, clean and following regulations. These inspections are done on a frequent and regular basis to protect both the facility and the residents who enjoy living there.

San Luis Obispo assisted living

Any assisted living facility you’re thinking about moving into or placing a family member in should have a license to operate with the state of California. Be sure to check that they have a valid license and they are operating in good safety standing. The assisted living San Luis Obispo retirement facility The Manse on Marsh always maintains this sort of license and fully cooperates with all inspections by Social Services.

Safety inside the Home

Aside from the overall safety of the facility, it is important to have good safety procedures in the apartment or home. In an emergency situation there will need to be safety information available at all times. Many facilities have an emergency call button, so make sure you know where that is.

In case of a fire or other necessary reason to quickly evacuate the apartment, you need to make sure you know the plan for this emergency. It is helpful to set up a buddy system so those who are hard of hearing or cannot move easily are notified that they need to leave. Have a safe evacuation plan posted on the inside of your front door to let you know the safest passage out of the building and the apartment number and name of the person you need to check on. It is difficult to remember all the important details on a good day, and in the chaos of an emergency it is easy to not be able to remember what you need to do.

It is important to practice good safety inside the home and keep everything clean and neat. It is also important to see the nurse whenever you get a cut or abrasion so that he or she can treat the wound.

It is common for seniors to not want to be a bother, so they let things like cuts and scrapes go. Unfortunately, the nurse on duty could have easily treated something that left untreated turns into a serious problem. So, have your vaccinations up to date and be sure to see the nurse for any injuries, no matter how small they seem to you.

Assisted Living San Luis Obispo

For assisted living at The Manse on the Marsh, safety of the residents is always the first priority. If you have any questions about what to do in case of a specific safety situation at this retirement home, ask the staff. They will be happy to explain all the safety procedures to you.