Why is assisted living worth the investment?

The Manse is a San Luis Obispo assisted living facility that stands heads above the rest. As the premiere senior care facility on the Central Coast, the manse is dedicated to providing compassionate, life-enriching, independent assisted living.

Placing a senior family member in an assisted living facility can often be a tough decision. Is assisted living really worth the investment? What are the advantages of placing a senior in an assisted living facility as opposed to in-home care?

Equipping a home with safety equipment such as medical alert systems and shower railings can be expensive. Assisted living facilities are designed with safety concerns in mind, plus there is always staff on site that can respond to an emergency in a matter of minutes.

Daily living assistance
Often seniors need help with daily living activities such as dressing, eating and bathing. Family caregivers are responsible for helping the senior loved one with these activities if they are living at home, but these responsibilities can often put a strain on the family, both emotionally and financially. Assisted living facilities are staffed with compassionate caregivers that can help assist seniors with these activities, so that their time with their families can focus on enjoyment.

Physical and social stimulation
Many seniors prefer the assisted living lifestyle because of the access that it provides to stimulating activities. The Manse provides an array of enriching social activities such as happy hours, art classes, entertainment, high tea, and outings around beautiful San Luis Obispo. The Manse also boasts a private theater, as well as a fitness center where seniors can maintain their physical health.

Cleaning, cooking and transportation
Other day-to-day chores such as cleaning, landscaping, cooking and planning meals, getting to doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping are other responsibilities that would usually fall on a family member if the senior were living at home. The Manse will lift the weight off the family’s shoulders by providing those services for the resident.

Placing a senior loved one at The Manse San Luis Obispo assisted living facility can help alleviate stress on the family, and provide the senior with an active, healthy, stimulating and enjoyable lifestyle.

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