Fun Past Outings at The Manse on the Marsh

There is a lot to do in San Luis Obispo and The Manse makes sure its residents have the opportunity to enjoy doing fun events off site when they would like to do so. 

There have been some really fun outings in the past few months that you might not have heard about.

Good Times from The Manse

In August it was a trip to Madonna Inn that had residents all abuzz. The stop at this fabulous landmark hotel was an eventful day of shopping and unique experiences. This is a hotel a person might want to spend a week at relaxing in the spa, horseback riding, shopping and experiencing award winning dining. The residents from The Manse on the Marsh had the best cowboy time getting their dungarees dusty playing with the horses, goats and other animals.

Also in August was the Luau at Hawaiian Night. Chef Bernard Livingston served up some authentic Hawaiian cuisine featuring Lomi Lomi Salmon, Char Siu Ribs, Corn Chowder, Pineapple Pecan Cake, and Chicken Adobo. While assisted living San Luis Obispo residents of The Manse dined on the festival eats they were entertained by Hula Dancers from Na Mele o ke Kai - Halau Hula. Rumor has it that even non-residents attended the event on the grounds of The Manse. It was the next best thing to spending the evening in the islands, only without the 8-hour flight and airport travel nightmare.

September Events

September was jammed up with fun things such bingo, and ice cream socials, and there were travel events like a scenic drives in Pismo Beach and other fun locales, as well as several shopping trips on other days.

The Manse at The Marsh

The Manse at the Marsh is well staffed for its assisted living San Luis Obispo residents’ enjoyment. We always provide a full schedule of fun and easy things to do in order to stay active while experiencing the best of retirement life.

In addition to those big events, every day is always brimming over with games, ice cream socials and other activities.

Come join us on one of our excursions into the land of retirement fun to see if we’re the right place for you to retire in assisted living comfort.