Fun things to do at The Manse

What is there to do for entertainment in an assisted living San Luis Obispo retirement community? There’s a lot to do and many new friends to make! The planned activities are vastly different from community to community, so these are the types of activities that can be expected at The Manse on the Marsh in San Luis Obispo.

Not Your Average Retirement Community

When in an assisted living retirement community, you’re going to want a lot to do. You are in retirement now and you want to have your remaining years filled with a lot of great times. You want to break bread with friends, show up for games and parties. Maybe you want to expand your circle of friends, too. In a retirement community you can do those things. No more living all by yourself at home puttering in the garden all by yourself. It is time to party!

At The Manse you’ll have many entertainment options to fill your day. Feature movies play on a regular basis in the theater where you can meet others and watch a great movie on the big screen.

If you want to have a fabulous dinner at the Bistro before the movie, you can do that on site in this beautiful San Luis Obispo assisted living facility. After the movie, you can have refreshments around the piano and start a sign along until it is time to retire for the night.

The game table is always set up and ready for a competitive game of chess or checkers. If you aren’t up for too much social interaction, but don’t want to be alone then you can kick back in a comfy chair in the atrium and read for a while.

Once you release yourself from that great novel, you can jump on the bus for a fun field trip or attend a scheduled luau on the grounds.

Always a Fun Time Scheduled

Retirement is all about staying active and enjoying life, and The Manse understands that at their assisted living San Luis Obispo community. The staff always plans activities that the seniors are sure to enjoy. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and they make it easier for residents to socialize. This is why we have a shuttle for trips to various spots outside of the community, games and other quiet activities available.

Plus, there are movies, dining and other ways to meet others and relax. Boredom is never on the schedule. Every day is another enjoyable experience to look forward to when in a retirement community like The Manse on Marsh.