Helping Your Parent or Loved One Make the Transition to Assisted Living

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A move to a San Luis Obispo assisted living facility such as The Manse On Marsh can be a major transition for your elderly parent. You’ve already done your research and decided on the best assisted living facility for your parent or loved one, but now, the hard work begins to make this new place feel like home.

This transition is not immediate and will take time. Your parent or loved one may feel both excited and overwhelmed about the move and this adjustment period can up to three months. The important thing is to be patient and try to find ways to help them become more acclimated with their new surroundings, neighbors, and friends.

Here are three things you can do to help your loved one make a seamless transition to The Manse on Marsh, the premiere assisted San Luis Obispo assisted living facility:

Check In Regularly

Family members can and should keep in contact during the transition period. Hearing a family member’s voice, seeing grandchildren during a visit, or getting a card in the mail are all reminders of things familiar for an elderly parent or loved one. These things can help make the transition a bit easier. This is also a great way for family to make sure their loved one’s needs are being met and they are in good spirits. Keep in mind that though it is great to visit and call your parent or loved one, make sure that you do give them the independence and freedom to explore and socialize with others. However, if at any time you become worried about them during this transitional time, be sure to reach out to the assisted living in San Luis Obispo staff.

Make personal decorations
A new living space can be transformed into a welcoming home with a few personal and family items and pictures. Making photo books and picture collages is a great way to christen your loved one’s new home. This way they will have great reminders of the life they have lived and the people that love and care for them.

Help get things in order

This can include making a detailed list of their medication and the administration schedules as well as meeting with care nurses and facility directors. This can help both of you feel more comfortable after the move. Provide this medication list to care staff just to have on file, in case of an emergency. Keep in mind that as their family member, you can also be their advocate, in case they need something in particular. Be sure to always ask questions or reach out to care staff and facility directors if you feel that your parent’s needs are not being met.

Here at The Manse On Marsh we work hard to make your loved one feel at home at our assisted living in our San Luis Obispo assisted living facilities. Our luxury facilities and amenities encourage a seamless transition with our enriching daily social activities, world-class dining and friendly staff.