When It Is Time for Senior Citizen Assisted Living?


Senior citizen assisted living is a tough decision to make. Sometimes safety in the home is a concern or just needing some help in keeping up the home will prompt a senior to start looking at some of the assisted living San Luis Obispo communities.

Senior Citizen Assisted Living

Senior citizen assisted living facilities are not nursing homes. Seniors have their own apartments or homes in a community that is created just for those who live there. There is a staff for grounds keeping of the beautiful setting of the facility as well as staff for caring for the common areas for the community. The residents have their time freed up from all those home upkeep concerns and will have a housekeeper assigned to their apartment or home. They spend their days socializing, dining out, taking classes and going on fun outings.

While each apartment has a small kitchen, the residents will many times eat their meals in a community setting. A chef will prepare healthy, tasty meals so cooking is no longer a necessity. Apartment kitchens are used only occasionally for snacks and smaller meals. Eating with friends is a rich tradition since time began. It is the foundation of so many happy memories and good times. No longer does a senior need to isolate themselves at home. When there is assisted living, every day is filled with good friends, warm companionship and new friendships.

Making the Assisted Living San Luis Obispo Decision

Oftentimes seniors reject the idea of moving into an assisted living facility, fearing they will be forgotten by family. They are afraid they will continue their isolation, only this time without the home they know and comfort of the possessions they’ve collected over their lifetime. However, once he or she moves into an assisted living San Luis Obispo facility such as The Manse on Marsh, all those fears evaporate. There are so many fun activities and lots of new friendships are forged immediately. There is no time or desire to sit in isolation. It is a difficult decision for the senior and their family, because of the fear of the unknown, but the fact of the matter is, almost all seniors improve their outlook and become happier in an assisted living situation; the entire environment is created with them in mind.

Picking the Right Facility

Of course, the right choice means everything. There is much homework to be done to find out if the San Luis Obispo assisted living facility has the services that are needed. Be sure to spend some time eating at the various assisted living choices and meeting the residents who live there. By getting to know the various services offered and seeing if the people who live there are happy, you’ll know if they would enjoy living there.