Getting to know Logan Sexton


–Executive Director Logan Sexton has worked in a number of enterprises, including publicly and privately held companies – some of which were his own – in his professional career.

He has been involved with real estate and asset management, enterprise operations, sales and marketing development, corporate finance at varying scale, organizational development, strategic planning at the highest level, mergers and acquisitions, leadership teaching and education, corporate compliance, Human Resource Management, and MIS Structure Design, to name a few.

“Importantly, the leaders who were my superiors, in almost every case, helped me to become a better leader, and in turn, I was able bring value to emerging leaders in our organizations,” said Logan.

Logan describes his leadership style as, “one which is visionary, participatory, and characterized by effective and efficient decision making, inclusive in manner, keenly focused, and always high energy.”

Originally from Northern Ohio, Logan graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

Logan’s favorite part about working at The Manse is, “Having the ability, every day, to enrich and impact the lives of people who are in their late season of life, and to experience the growth and development of our caring staff members.”

His hobbies include spending time with his family, hiking, golf, spiritual life, and music.