Savvy Seniors: The Manse Offers Tips For Reducing Senior Holiday Stress

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All around The Manse on Marsh, you can find signs that the holidays are here! Along with joyful celebrations, concerts, and visits with family and friends, the holidays can sometimes signal the arrival of an unwelcome guest: stress. For seniors, typical holiday stress is amplified with the disruption of daily routines, multiple travel plans, and even seasonal depression. Here are four helpful tips for reducing stress as seniors during the holiday season.

Set realistic goals

We know visiting with family and friends is always on the to-do list during the holiday season, but traveling and meeting with people all day can be physically and mentally exhausting. Be realistic with your time constraints and personal wellness by scheduling rest time in between visits and allowing for plenty of travel time so you don’t feel rushed.

Keep set schedules

If your body is used to waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time, regular exercise, and going to bed at a certain time, be sure to respect those schedules. Staying up later to accommodate family visits or having to eat later in the evening because of a difference in meal times can be difficult and stressful, so make sure you plan ahead and take care of yourself.

Minimize holiday expenses

Financial stress is common year-round, but especially around the holidays. Make a realistic budget, and stick to it. You’ll find that most friends and family would rather spend time with you than receive a gift, anyway.

Spend time with people

Along with the fun and happy aspects of holidays comes sadness for many of us - especially as we remember past holidays spent with loved ones we’ve lost. Be sure to not isolate yourself. The Manse on Marsh is buzzing with activities, holiday parties, gatherings, and volunteer projects that keep our residents social during the holidays. Click here to register to attend one of our upcoming events or schedule your personal tour of The Manse