Wellness with SLO Winds at The Manse

The SLO Winds Orchestra joined us for High Tea

The SLO Winds Orchestra joined us for High Tea

We’re honored to have a wonderful relationship with the San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra, who’s members visit The Manse on Marsh often and play with and for our residents. Most recently, members of SLO Winds joined us for our High Tea event, and around the holidays, our residents and their families always look forward to the beautiful sounds of SLO Winds annual concert at The Manse.

Music can be an incredible boost to our health, especially as we age. Read on for some of the reasons why joining us for our next SLO Winds event at The Manse will be good for your health!

Benefits of Music to our Health

1) Improves visual & verbal skills

Several studies have shown that music education at an early age stimulates the brain to improve verbal skills, communication skills and visual skills.

2) Keeps an aging brain healthy

Research has shown that having musical training and listening to or playing music in our later years can help keep the brain healthy, especially as it ages. Even people who have some form of brain damage can regain partial or full access to memories (depending on severity) by listening to music, as listening can help draw on old memories and neurological patterns.

3) Music makes you happier

Listening to music that hits you in a special way causes your brain to release dopamine our bodies’ “feel good” chemical. It causes us to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, joy, etc. Listening to music provides us with the same burst of happiness that we would get from eating our favorite food.

4) Heartbeat, pulse rate & blood pressure

Studies have shown that music strengthens the heart and improves the recovery time of patients suffering from heart disease. Listening to your favorite music releases endorphins in the brain that help to improve vascular health. In studies, both men and women who listened to music soon after cardiac surgery were much less anxious and even reported having less pain as opposed to those who rested quietly.

In a study at Massachusetts General Hospital, heart patients confined to a bed who listened to music for 30 minutes had lower blood pressure, slower heart rates, and less distress than those who didn’t listen to music.

5) Improves sleep quality

Stress and anxiety are some of the most common things to interfere with restful sleep. Since music has the ability to affect both in a positive way, research has found that listening to music at various times promotes better sleep patterns for people.

6) Boosts your immune system & reduces pain

Research has shown that music is capable of reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for weakening the immune system, increasing risk of heart disease, interfering with learning and memory, lowering bone density, etc.

7) Reduces depression & anxiety

Researchers from Drexel University found that cancer patients who either listened to music or worked with a music therapist experienced a reduction in anxiety, had better blood pressure levels and improved moods. Music can have positive effects on the psyche, mood, pain and quality of life as well.