Manse Residents Gloria & Keith “Coach” Johnson Celebrate 62nd Anniversary

On June 22, 2016, two of The Manse on Marsh’s special residents spent the day celebrating an extra special milestone. Gloria & Keith, or “Coach,” as he’s affectionately known by other residents and the staff at The Manse, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary.

What a treat it was to help them honor the occasion right on our campus with a special dinner prepared by our own Chef Bernard. Please feel free to share your congratulatory comments right here on our blog or by email!

All that anniversary celebrating got us thinking – do you remember the list of traditional gifts given to couples celebrating wedding anniversaries? We found a great refresher from Hallmark that includes updated gift ideas in honor of our own diamond-worthy lovebirds Gloria and Keith:

Anniversary         Traditional Gift                  Updated Suggestion

1st                             Paper                                        Clocks

2nd                           Cotton                                      China

3rd                            Leather                                    Crystal/Glass

4th                            Fruit/Flowers                          Appliances

5th                            Wood                                       Silverware

6th                            Candy/Iron                              Wood

7th                            Wool/Copper                           Desk Sets

8th                            Pottery/Bronze                        Linens/Lace

9th                            Willow/Pottery                        Leather

10th                          Tin/Aluminum                           Diamond Jewelry

11th                           Steel                                          Fashion Jewelry

12th                           Silk/Linen                                 Pearls

13th                           Lace                                         Textiles or faux furs

14th                          Animals*                                   Gold Jewelry

15th                          Crystal                                    Watches

20th                         China                                        Platinum

25th                         Silver                                         Silver

30th                         Pearl                                         Diamond

35th                         Coral                                         Jade

40th                         Ruby                                          Ruby

45th                         Sapphire                                   Sapphire

50th                         Gold                                          Gold

60th                         Diamond                                  Diamond



* Historically, the traditional 14th anniversary gift was ivory, but endangered elephant populations make this an unethical choice.

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