Starting Senior Care Conversations

It’s never easy to start a conversation with our loved ones about how we plan to handle end-of-life issues. As difficult as such a subject may be, it’s better to have a discussion early. Too many families wait until it’s too late to have these conversations, and as a result, decisions must be made quickly, sometimes causing arguments and hurt feelings.

Keep San Luis Obispo senior care conversations productive and positive. Write down the things you want to discuss and leave emotion off the table.  Think about the situation as if you were advising a friend with their parent. Logically, what are the items you’d want your friend to keep in mind as they planned their parents’ care?

Like many difficult subjects, once you’ve started talking about senior care, it’s usually more comfortable to talk about in the future should your loved one’s condition, needs, or wants change.

Here are a few tips from other families who’ve had senior care discussions with loved ones:

Be upfront:

It’s best to include your parent in the conversation so that they can share their wishes. Tell them you want to know what their preferences are so that they can be carried out if possible.

Plan in advance:

Begin talking about long-term care needs early on so that these preferences are made known to everyone in the family.

Schedule the conversation:

It’s common for families to end up in senior care discussions at family get-togethers because everyone’s in the same place. This might not be the best time. Because of the sensitivity of the topic, try to pick a time and place where there won’t be distractions, and everyone can come prepared.

Have options:

Instead of offering advice or forcing your loved one to make certain decisions, offer the various options that are available to them. For instance, when they can’t live alone anymore, they might enjoy a community with multiple lifestyle options, like The Manse on Marsh.

You aren’t alone:

The Manse on Marsh is a community, in every sense of the word. We’re happy to introduce you to other residents, their families, and the talented members of our staff, who can answer all your questions about San Luis Obispo senior care at The Manse. Call or click to schedule your tour today!