Annual Luau is Manse Resident Favorite

–Over the weekend, The Manse on Marsh, San Luis Obispo’s premier senior living community, held its annual Luau with residents, staff, and family members.

In addition to Luau themed food, drinks, and decoration, The Manse on Marsh community enjoyed live dancing and lessons from Tahitian dancers. Manse residents enjoyed a special treat when Director of Wellness and registered nurse Kathy Hermosillo performed the hula dance – something she learned as a young girl growing up in Hawaii. For resident veterans previously stationed in Hawaii, it was a special treat. So what exactly is the Hula dance, and what is its significance? Read on.

·       Originally, the Hula was called the "Ha`a."

·       Hula is more than a dance; it’s the Hawaiian way of keeping and passing on a record of history.

·       All hula dances originate from a series of just six traditional moves.

·       Hula was banned for a time when Christian missionaries arrived on the Islands in the 19th Century.

·       In modern Hula, you will find both men and women wearing knee level skirts made of palm leaves as well as flower leis around their arms, lower legs and heads. 

·       Before 1820, women wore shorter skirts and men simply wore loin cloths.  It was in 1820 that missionaries made them wear a less revealing wardrobe during their performances.

·       The last king of Hawaii, David Kalakaua (1874 to 1891), encouraged Hula performances, and added moves, costumes, text and songs.

·       King Kalakaua’s nickname was the “Merry Monarch.”

About The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is a unique senior living community in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, which offers Life-Enriching Independent and Assisted Living. Offering independent and assisted living as well as hospice and palliative care, The Manse on Marsh has developed an award-winning reputation for excellence among communities throughout California’s Central Coast.

“Throughout my thirty-five years of experience with older adults and my extensive research on adult communities, I have concluded there simply is not a finer choice for community living than the Manse on Marsh.”

— Julie Schmidt, M.A. Clinical Psychology, LMFT

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