Enjoy Pet Friendly Senior Living at The Manse

No matter your age, good companionship often is the most cherished part of living. At The Manse on Marsh, San Luis Obispo’s premier senior living community, a friendly face is never far. In fact, aside from the happy humans around The Manse, we have quite a few furry friends who call The Manse on Marsh home as well. As a pet-friendly community, we see the direct benefits our pet-owning residents enjoy as pet owners, and turns out we aren’t alone. AARP identified several reasons why having a dog in your senior years is good for your health and your happiness!

Dogs Keep You Fit

Adopt a dog and ditch that personal trainer. A study in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners walk approximately one hour longer per day than those without a fetching friend in their lives.

They Make You Healthier

Studies show that dog-owning seniors have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol than their pet-less peers. Having a dog also reduces the risk of heart attack — and boosts your chances of long-term survival if you have one. 

Dogs Are Social Butterflies

A natural-born icebreaker, your dog will introduce you to everyone from next-door neighbors to perfect strangers. 

They Organize Your Day

A dog may keep you sane, showered and solvent. Studies show that dog owners exhibit higher degrees of self-discipline than those without. Makes sense: Dogs, like humans, thrive on structure; they need to be fed, walked and nurtured at regular intervals. 

Dogs “Feel” You

MRI scanners showed that the canine brain reacts to voices and sounds, such as crying or laughter, in the same way the human brain does. Dogs are also the only nonhuman animals who scan the left side of a face — the process whereby people “read” emotions. 

About The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is an elegant, pet-friendly retirement community in an unmatched location in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. We provide life-enriching independent living and assisted living in an uplifting environment where the needs of our residents always come first. We are proud to offer two on-site restaurants, a full slate of social activities and a highly trained and caring staff. If you’re looking for compassionate, quality senior housing, schedule a visit and find out why so many seniors choose to call The Manse, “home.”