Use The Holidays To Assess Senior Health

If you have a parent or senior who lives far away, sometimes it’s difficult to discern how that loved one is really feeling, or if they’re taking good care of themselves.  The holidays are an excellent opportunity to visit your love done in person, to assess how they’re doing living on their own.

“When you’re chatting on the phone with your parents who live long-distance, don’t be surprised if they tell you’re their doing ‘fine,’ when they actually could use a little help,” says San Luis Obispo Senior Living Community CEO Farron Bernhardt, of The Manse on Marsh. “Your parents don’t want you to worry about them, and they don’t want to feel as if they’re a burden.”

If you have any doubts, or want reassurance by seeing for yourself how your senior loved ones are faring, take advantage of visiting them over the holidays, and keeping an eye out for some tell-tale signs that it might be time to seek assistance from a caregiver or begin researching senior living communities:

·       Is the mail piling up?

·       Is there laundry needing to be done, or a general mess of the space?

·       How’s your loved one’s appearance? Do they seem pale? Do you sense disorientation, or confusion? What’s your loved one’s overall mood?

·       Are prescriptions left untaken, or new written scripts unfilled?

·       Are pans charred, or are there burn marks in the kitchen?

·       Is your loved one’s vehicle in good shape, or do you see scrapes around the car doors and the bumpers?

Any of the above signs could indicate trouble brewing, and it’s best to get ahead of the situation while you can. If you don’t see any outward signs of trouble, take a few moments to talk to your senior loved one’s neighbors.

“Most neighbors watch out for each other, especially if there is a senior in the neighborhood,” says Bernhardt. “Ask around, and if any of your loved one’s neighbors have seen signs of a problem, they’ll let you know.”

Most importantly, trust your instincts. If you’re feeling uneasy, start seeking help.

“While you want to respect your loved one’s wishes to stay at home, you need to recognize when that arrangement no longer insures your loved one’s safety and security,” says Bernhardt. “There are a number of great local resources if you have questions about the next steps for your senior loved one.  In addition to local senior organizations, communities like The Manse are staffed by an expert team of senior caregivers, and are happy to help answer questions and connect you with other families who have experienced similar situations.”

About The Manse on Marsh

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