The Manse Assisted Living Arroyo Grande Seniors Stay Connected Online


This week, the Manse on Marsh compiled a list of reasons seniors should become familiar using the internet. The seniors who are staying active online can greatly benefits from using assisted living. Helping hands and minds are always willing and able to be there. Arroyo Grande retirees searching for a close place to call home, and who also need some help doing daily tasks, look no further than the Manse in San Luis Obispo. The exceeding safety and quality standards, along with community feel make the Manse an ideal spot to receive assisted living. Keeping those who need assistance connected with friends and family is proven to be one of the keys to a long, healthy and happy life. The Manse assures that isolation and depression are far from the mind. Some reasons seniors should stay connected on the internet are shared below.


  1. Keep in touch- Most people lose contact over time, it can easily happen when families branch out to different parts of the country, have children, and grow up. Not everyone has a landline telephone anymore, and cellphones are so equipped to stay connected in so many ways, keeping in touch is simpler than ever.

  2. Continue Education-  Learning new things through articles, e-books, online courses, and videos helps to keep the mind fresh and on top of current affairs and knowledge. Dig into history, science, languages and destinations across the globe at the click of a button.

  3. New Skills- Developing new skills that have seemed out of reach for so long are now easily attainable. Most skills can be learned for free too!

  4. Blogging- Keeping a blog and sharing wisdom and happenings can be a useful creative tool. So many sites help organize posts, photos, videos, opinions, articles and experiences. Wisdom can be passed down, and that knowledge will be easy to access from anywhere at anytime.

  5. Shopping- Hunting for a bargain? Don’t bother wasting time driving around town going from store to store, or calling around to compare prices. Shopping online for sales and reading reviews to find out what people think is super easy thanks to online shopping. Some of the biggest names like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, are competitively priced and carry a seemingly endless supply of goods. Seniors today can order groceries to be delivered and skip the driving, parking and browsing aisles!


The Manse provides a less complicated, more connected, comfortable way of life for assisted living. Arroyo Grande seniors can look into more information by visiting their website or stopping by for a tour!


The Manse on Marsh


475 Marsh St.


San Luis Obispo, CA






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