Top Considerations for Choosing a Respite Care Provider

If you’re caring for an aging loved one, then you know that taking a break every now and then is crucial to staying at the top of your caregiving game. Respite care allows busy caregivers the chance to lay down their responsibilities for a while, rest and rejuvenate, and take care of other aspects of their lives – all while knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

The benefits of respite care speak for themselves, but not all respite care programs are created equal. If you’re considering finding a respite care service in your area, you should make sure the community you choose offers all the services one should expect. A leading respite care program, like the one at The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo, CA, should provide everything your loved one could want or need throughout their stay.

7 Considerations for Choosing a Respite Care Program

A top-notch respite care program should treat your loved one just like a full-time resident whether they’re staying for two weeks or two days. The services, support and amenities available to all residents should be available to respite guests as well. In this regard, it’s important to consider all aspects of the community when considering utilizing their respite care services.

When choosing a community for respite care, consider the following:

What care services are offered? Make sure the community can meet your loved one’s care requirements. If your loved one suffers from memory loss, you should select a community that offers memory care or has staff available trained in dementia care. If your loved one’s needs are medically complex, you’ll want to choose a community that has licensed nurses on staff. If your loved one is coming out of the hospital or rehabilitation facility, make sure rehab services are available.

Many assisted living communities hire well-trained caregivers, so if your loved one only needs minimal support with daily living tasks, they should be in capable hands. Be sure to communicate your loved one’s care requirements to ensure the community can meet them.

Is the staff compassionate and professional? It’s important that the staff who will be caring for your loved one are friendly and compassionate and make your loved one feel at ease. If you visit a community prior to scheduling respite care, watch to see how the staff interact with residents, and ask about the frequency of staff turnover. Leading communities value building relationships between residents and staff, who get to know who they’re caring for on a personal level.

Be sure to choose a community that has care staff available 24-hours. Consider how many staff members are available at any given time. Are they attentive to residents’ needs? Is it easy to get their attention?

What kinds of activities are available? A great respite care program will offer plenty of options for entertainment and engagement. Ask what programs are available regularly and whether they hold special events or plan outings for residents. Are there activities that meet your loved one’s interests? Do they focus on physical, emotional and mental wellness? Will your loved one have a choice of what they do and when?

What’s for dinner? Though often overlooked, your loved one’s dining experience will have a big impact on their respite care experience. Visit a community during a meal to see what kinds of food they serve and what the dining environment is like. Does the food look, smell and taste appetizing? Is it prepared by hand using fresh ingredients? Ask whether the dining staff will be able to meet special dietary needs and assist your loved one with eating if needed.

Make sure the community offers a dining experience that suits your loved one’s preferences. Communities may serve meals family style or restaurant style, offer anytime dining or set a meal schedule.

Is the environment comfortable and accessible? It’s important that your loved one is comfortable in the community. Consider the lighting, furnishings, décor and safety features. Do the guest rooms offer privacy? Is the community easy to navigate? Are bathrooms shared in a suite or private? Are their emergency call systems in every room?

Ask whether there are outdoor areas for walking, gardening, activities or resting. Consider what your loved one would do throughout the day and whether the community can accommodate those activities in an enjoyable environment.

Are you comfortable with the culture? Since the community will become your loved one’s home-away-from-home, they should feel comfortable and at ease there. Every community is different, so observe the general atmosphere to get a feel for the attitudes of the residents and staff. Do residents seem to interact with each other? Are they active and energetic? Do they seem like the kind of people your loved one will get along with?

Could your loved one imaging calling this home? Sometimes, short-term respite care can turn into full-time residency. Your loved one might enjoy the community so much they eventually choose to move there permanently. They may value the social life and carefree lifestyle. They may prefer to receive care support from someone who isn’t family, so you can spend time together free of the stress of caregiving.

Because the transition from respite care to residency is common, it’s a plus if your loved one can imagine living at the community full-time. That way, if the need for full-time, professional support arises in the future, you’ll already be familiar with a community that your loved one knows and trusts.

Although the process may take some time, with careful consideration and research, you can find the best place for your loved one to receive the respite care you both deserve.

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