Friendly Staff Who Give The Excellent Senior Care San Luis Obispo Residents Need



Taking the next step to get qualified Senior Care in San Luis Obispo? The Manse on Marsh has a history of successfully providing above and beyond care to retirees and seniors. Employing a wide array of assistants, directors, and providers to aide and coordinate services for the therapy and wellbeing of the residents. Become familiar with the different positions at The Manse on Marsh which strive to provide the best care possible. Producing a harmonious, well balanced home environment that maximizes the potential positive benefits of assisted living care.

The Manse is a close knit group of staff, each taking pride in their role to fulfill a meaningful piece of the puzzle. Often, the relationships between staff and residents can become like family. On a daily basis staff provides care for the many needs at The Manse, resulting in excellent well being, health and happiness. With so many roles to fill, each staff member provides individualized senior care. San Luis Obispo is known as the happiest city in America, and The Manse knows this, employing the vibrant, loving community members to enrich the lives of Manse residents. Earning multiple awards over time, and resulting in the top choice for senior care facility on the Central Coast of California.

Some of the care worker positions at The Manse that residents will come in contact with are:

  • Activity Director- The activity director is responsible for monitoring wellness and recreation programs, and coordinating and managing transportation and volunteers.

  • Activity Coordinator- The activity assistant helps assist the activity director to implement recreation programs that help residents stay engaged.

  • Wellness Directors- Health and wellness directors constantly assess the needs of residents physical, emotional and social needs. Usually this person’s role is filled by a nurse.

  • Culinary Services Team- This team includes the dining services director, chefs, servers, and hostesses or hosts. Daily meal preparation and service directly to residents.

  • Housekeeping- The daily tasks of housekeeping, making beds and providing clean environments for residents is left to housekeeping staff. Knowing exactly how residents like their homes cleaned and where things go is very important at The Manse.

  • Drivers- Getting residents to and from places they need to go is left to the drivers on the transportation team. The Manse plans many community activities, and makes sure residents have access to medical appointments and other errands.

  • Maintenance- Keeping up with repairs in The Manse building, and maintenance is left to professionals who know how to fix just about anything.

  • Certified Nursing assistant- Nurses help to bathe, groom, and dress residents. In the restroom where help may be required, a certified nursing assistant provides the best care possible. They work closely to record daily health habits to help improve the wellness of each person.


These are just some of the friendly faces residents bump into on a regular basis at The Manse On Marsh. The Manse provides simply abundant living!


The Manse on Marsh


475 Marsh St.


San Luis Obispo, CA