Yoga For Seniors

Yoga has many health benefits

Yoga has many health benefits



Following a gentle exercise routine like yoga gives a multitude of various benefits to the senior community, and reduces the chronic pain and joint stiffness so many experience as they age. Getting older can mean many more physical and mental ailments, and with that issue sparks an idea. Why not try something new (which is actually an ancient practice) to combat aging and everything that comes with it? People who are staying active, stretching and working to promote bone density and flexibility are seeing huge results. The act of participating in yoga can reduce swelling in joints, improve balance and mobility, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and many other health benefits. Positive health benefits extend to the brain, increasing happiness and longevity. Taking care of extra weight, hypertension, sleeping issues, and breathing issues are just some other healing benefits of yoga.

Getting started with yoga is just as simple as finding an instructor. Yoga classes for beginning seniors are made to be more gentle, so stretching shouldn’t be painful. Yoga poses can be individually altered for anyone who must remain in a seated position, so even people with disabilities can partake in yoga posing. Upper and lower body strength, reduced depression, increased oxygen flow, and following a relaxed, calm way of being all serve to improve the body’s endurance and body-mind connection.

Some of the simplest poses in yoga are perfect for beginners and senior citizens. Gently  adding a few new stretches and breathing calmly and deeply for at least 30 minutes in a day, a few days a week is a good start. Gradually, working into longer more complex stretching routines will help build muscle and bone. Feeling comfortable and smiling during yoga means that you are not pushing too hard, too soon, and the exercises aren’t too straining. The increase in immune system, and reduction of stress hormones and decrease in sickness are all going to happen after starting up with yoga.

  1. Tree Pose- Stand with feet together, arms above head and hands together. Gently lift one leg at a time keeping the toes connected with the ground and hold for 30 seconds each time. This stretch is great for improving balance.

  2. Warrior Pose- Stand with feet hip distance apart and arms at your sides. Turn to the left and step 4 feet to the side. Turn right foot 90 degrees, and left foot 45 degrees inward. Turn pelvis towards the front of the mat. Reach arms above your head and tilt your head up to gaze at your thumbs.

  3. Breathing Exercises- Yogic breathing, or Prana, are more than just breathing exercises. They are rhythmic techniques to bring benefits to the mental, physical, and emotional body. Being self aware, and calm in the present moment helps focus the routine of daily yoga practice.


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