The Benefits Of Volunteering For Seniors



This fall season, the Manse on Marsh invites residents, staff, friends and family to be thankful and reflect on the many positive people, places and things around them. Lifetimes of volunteer work, charitable deeds and giving, are good to reflect on in this season of thankfulness.  Volunteering and being thankful go hand in hand. It is proven by studies  that seniors stay happier and healthier by reaching out, and lending assistance to those who need it most. Giving usually is more satisfying than receiving, according to scientific studies. This study led by the Rothman Research Institute shows that cognitive function, happiness, and health all increase when seniors volunteer, by feeling appreciated.

Retirement is sometimes full of extra free time, and when retirees and seniors start slowing down it can be hard to find meaningful ways to volunteer in the community. The Manse on Marsh provides multiple opportunities to give back to this lovely community, and taking action keeps the residents happier and healthier. Being a volunteer for charitable organizations is just one way to bridge generational gaps. Giving assistance to younger generations helps both parties learn and grow. Using the talents and knowledge of an older group of people in volunteer situations helps to show how active, and involved the senior community can be as a whole.

Socioeconomic benefits of volunteering are increasing the mental, physical, and emotional health of retirees. Life improvements can be found from good feelings of productivity, finding purpose and satisfaction as they give back to society. What a wonderful way to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness! Being connected to others in the community, bringing fun, and fulfillment stretches across generations to younger family members as well. Showing the youth firsthand how volunteering makes a difference, and feels good to do is a valuable way to get to know the community, and to find resources that may be useful to family members. Self confidence and accomplishment help preserve personal identity later in life, as time changes everything, the positive views of the future are increased by volunteer work. The Manse is grateful to help the community, and pair up its residents with meaningful volunteer positions many times a year.


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