The Truth About Assisted Living




Coming to terms with the realization that a family member or friend is in transition to assisted living can be difficult for loved ones. Misconceptions about senior living facilities can cause fear and apprehension. The critical services provided by The Manse on Marsh allows families to find some relief, knowing that aging loved ones are cared for with the highest standards every day.

There are some myths and misinterpretations of the reality of assisted living facilities.


Myth #1-Loss of independence

Many seniors considering living in an assisted living facility worry that they will be losing their independence. It is true that they will become more dependant on the staff and resources available to them, but having the ability to receive assistance 24/7 ensures their quality of life doesn’t deteriorate. Many seniors who resist asking for help end up regretting it, because illnesses and needs can fail to be met. The loss of independence is not the reality of the situation. Seniors are constantly being invigorated, cared for, and looked after, at The Manse on Marsh. With more resources and opportunities available that encourage independence, it is soon realized how much is gained by making the move into an assisted living facility.


Myth #2-They will be lonely

Residents are not spending most of their time isolated to their rooms, or without company. Many seniors who have lost their spouses are grieving and feeling a great, emotional loss. The interactions between staff and other residents help to give hope and social support during hard times. Seniors in assisted living facilities bond with, and create lasting friendships that are just as close as family members. Knowing people who come from similar situations and backgrounds, who can share memories and bond, knowing they will be there with them to experience new things on a daily basis, is inspiring and can be very encouraging. Loneliness can be easily averted.


Myth #3- They won’t be able to do hobbies

Seniors who enjoy living alone at home may be avid hobbyists, and the idea of moving into a senior living facility can seem like an end to the fun. In reality, the move is going to open a whole new world up of hobbies and experiences they wouldn’t have normally gotten by staying home alone. Planned activities and hobbies are always coming up, from painting, exercising, game nights, music, classes, education and more. Living downtown San Luis Obispo at an assisted living facility also opens more opportunities for events, shopping, and culture.


The active and engaging lifestyle provided at The Manse on Marsh provides a wide array of benefits for seniors who wish to transition to a senior living facility. Comprehending all the new and exciting things to see and do may seem overwhelming, but rest assured that the top priority of staff at The Manse is to ensure a smooth and comfortable environment. Every need will be met with a smile and grace, no matter what!


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