Am I Ready for Senior Care Community Living in San Luis Obispo?

Deciding when to move to a San Luis Obispo Senior Care community is an important decision about your lifestyle – and where you’ll best be able to do the things you enjoy now, with the peace of mind of expert care one click-of-a-button away. The Manse on Marsh senior care community in San Luis Obispo offers the following questions for consideration as you explore your senior care options.

What is it I’m not ready for?

Often, people confuse moving to a San Luis Obispo senior care community with giving up all the things they cherish. We think you’ll find San Luis Obispo senior care communities like The Manse on Marsh to be far different than you imagined. The Manse is for people who want to maintain their independence, expand their horizons, and make their own decisions. Our residents enjoy life more — not less.

How will I know when I’ll be ready for senior care in San Luis Obispo?

Do you worry about home maintenance? Are you tired of shopping and preparing meals? Do you have health concerns? Are you troubled about personal safety and the security of your home? Would you like to explore new interests and meet new friends? If so, now is the time to experience the freedom a San Luis Obispo senior care community like The Manse on Marsh can offer you.

Why should I consider a move to The Manse on Marsh if I’m still healthy?

Can you think of a better time to move to a San Luis Obispo senior care community? Most people need to make housing adjustments as they age, and many of our residents tell us they’re glad they decided to move while this important decision was still theirs to make. You’ve most likely planned ahead your entire life, so don’t wait until a crisis forces you or your loved ones into a decision for which you aren’t prepared.

Will I have to move again if my health fails?

Most Manse residents never have to make another move! While we encourage vibrant senior care living that is healthy, active, and independent, we realize that circumstances change, and that’s why our San Luis Obispo senior care campus offers access to a full range of senior living options.  

Isn’t a retirement community for “old people?”

Throw away your misconceptions about San Luis Obispo senior care living. Senior living communities like The Manse on Marsh offer many of the benefits of a luxury hotel, giving you the freedom to enjoy life as you wish. You’ll free yourself from the daily concerns of meal planning, home repairs, and maintenance, while filling your time with new friends and a variety of social, cultural and recreational activities.

Later this week in our senior living blog, we’ll explore the top tips you need to know when you begin your San Luis Obispo senior care community search. In the meantime, if you’d like to discover why The Manse on Marsh has become the top choice for so many families searching for senior care in San Luis Obispo, click here and we’ll be happy to take you on a tour of our campus.