5 Step Plan for Selecting a Senior Living Community in San Luis Obispo

Earlier this month, The Manse on Marsh, award-winning independent and assisted senior living community in San Luis Obispo, blogged about the types of questions you’ll want to consider as you decide it’s time to seek out a senior living community for your retirement years. Today we continue the conversation with our 5 Step Plan for selecting the best San Luis Obispo senior living community for you.

Begin researching San Luis Obispo senior living communities in advance — before the need arises.

A good place to start is to ask family, friends and valued advisors, such as a trust officer or estate attorney, for their recommendations and help with researching retirement communities. Blogs, professional resources, senior directories, consumer review websites, local newspapers and even social media can provide helpful information.

Determine which type of senior living community will best fit your needs.

It’s important to understand the different types of senior living options in San Luis Obispo, and the types of services and care they offer. From independent to assisted living, to respite and hospice care, to the entire continuum of services at one San Luis Obispo senior living community like The Manse, there are options to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Narrow the list of potential San Luis Obispo senior living communities.

Your most important factors for selecting a senior living community in San Luis Obispo will likely be care services, amenities and activities. Working from a multi-site checklist — matching your preferences and needs to those being offered — can be very helpful in the selection process.

Visit your top communities for San Luis Obispo senior living.

The best way to evaluate your options is to tour the San Luis Obispo senior living communities that are the top matches from your research and get a feel for their “culture.” Sample the dining services by visiting for lunch one day with family or friends. Attend a community event or social — The Manse on Marsh offers a number of opportunities each month for fun-filled, no-pressure mingling with current residents and previewing our beautiful community.

Don’t feel rushed to make your final decision.

You’ll most likely want to make multiple visits before you decide whether or not a community is right for you. After your initial senior living community tour, schedule an appointment with a community representative to review any additional questions you may have. At San Luis Obispo senior living communities like The Manse on Marsh, you’ll find the staff members have a wealth of knowledge and are there to help you to determine the perfect mix of services and amenities to meet your needs.