Celebrating National Poetry Month at The Manse on Marsh

April is National Poetry Month. Many people who have never tried writing poems often find themselves drawn to the practice as they age. Not only does writing poetry help exercise the creativity of the right side of your brain, but it also serves as a way to process complex emotions and feelings, and capture memories and lifetime wisdom in written form.

At The Manse on Marsh, we celebrate the arts, and offer activities and special events for residents that cross the creative spectrum. Often you’ll find residents and their families in the Atrium area of our San Luis Obispo independent and assisted living community, enjoying a concert by the San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra, dancing to live music at Oktoberfest, or even learning the ancient art of hula dancing from Kathy Hermosilla, Director of Wellness at The Manse on Marsh.

But you don’t need to be a resident to enjoy our gatherings – many upcoming events are open to the public, and prospective residents are always welcome and encouraged to join us and experience the difference in senior living, vibrantly… and with a little fun.

Indeed, we laugh often at The Manse on Marsh, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to celebrate National Poetry Month with a fun and sweet poem about aging written by retired teacher Tom Krause. We hope to see your smile soon at The Manse on Marsh – schedule your visit by clicking here.


by Tom Krause

The older you get the less you know.
Just ask your kids they will say its so.
Blood pressure up. Arches flat.
Everything you eat just goes to fat.

Get out of bed. Move real slow.
Three times a night you have to go.
Caffeine not only keeps you awake -
it makes you pee for heaven’s sake.

The world keeps changing
at a hectic pace
causing more gray hair
and a wrinkled face.

But as you look in the mirror -
what catches your eye -
is your smile never ages
as the years go by.