9 Benefits of Respite Care Transitions to Senior Living

When it comes to caring for an aging loved one, we can’t do it by ourselves all the time. Sometimes caregivers need a short break from the constant flow of support tasks and responsibilities. We need a little time to ourselves to rest and recharge. In some cases, the severity of our loved one’s needs simply go beyond what we are able to care for on our own. When caregiving truly becomes too much for a family member, and our loved one needs more care than we can give, it might be time to start looking into options for more professional, long-term care.

For some, the thought of moving their loved one to a senior living community is difficult. They may feel guilty, thinking they should be responsible for their loved one’s care. They might also have misunderstandings about community life, unaware of the incredible benefits their family could experience. Whether the idea of moving your loved one into a dedicated senior living community worries or encourages you, there’s an easy way to make the transition with confidence: respite care.

How to Make a Move with Confidence

The Manse on Marsh, a senior living community in San Luis Obispo, California, offers short-term respite stays for a number of reasons. Respite care is great for family caregivers who need a break or have to address other life matters. It’s also perfect for seniors just finishing a hospital or rehabilitation stay who aren’t quite ready to return home. Respite stays at The Manse on Marsh are especially beneficial for those who are considering residency in the community. Respite guests can enjoy all the services and accommodations while deciding if the community is a good fit.

If you’re wondering if a move to a community like The Manse on Marsh is the best thing for your loved one, consider some of the reasons to try it out with a respite stay:

  1. Short-term – A temporary stay is a great way to experience community life on a trial basis with no large commitment. If your loved one doesn’t like the community, they don’t have to stay there long. On the other hand, a stay of a few days or a week might not feel long enough if they love it there!

  2. Small investment – Because many senior living communities have large entry fees, you want to be sure of your decision before you commit thousands of dollars. Respite care charges an affordable daily rate, which usually includes all services, meals and amenities.

  3. Learn about services – When your loved one enjoys a respite stay, they get to experience every aspect of the community, including the quality of the care services provided. They’ll get to know the care staff, see how friendly they are, how flexible schedules are, and whether their personal requests are recognized.

  4. Preview programs – While your loved one stays at the community, they’ll have the chance to participate in some of the programs and activities planned for residents. From exercise classes to art projects, book clubs, gardening and more, they’ll get an idea of what programs the community offers, how well-planned they are and if they can see themselves getting involved in community life.

  5. Meet some future neighbors – A community’s offerings and atmosphere tend to attract a certain type of person, so residents will often find many like-minded people to interact with. A respite stay can give your loved one the chance to make friends and meet potential neighbors to see if they’ll easily fit in with the culture there.

  6. A close look at suites – Unlike a community tour, a respite stay gives you and your loved one the chance to explore the buildings and their features. Rather than a quick glance at the suites, your loved one will get to live in one, try out the bath, and imagine being there long-term.

  7. Try the food – Never to be underestimated, the food at a senior living community is so important! During a respite stay, your loved one will have multiple chances to try the dining services at different times of the day. They can also observe the dining staff to see if they accommodate dietary needs and special preferences.

  8. The chance to feel at home – It’s difficult to truly experience a community on a brief tour. A respite stay offers your loved one the chance to become a resident for a while and see if they feel at home there.

  9. Break for caregivers – While your loved one is busy taking in the all the features of a senior living community, you can enjoy a short break from caregiving. You can take some time for yourself, tend to other family or work matters, and use the distance from your caregiving role to think about your loved ones best options. You could even take a short trip, since your loved one is in caring hands.

Try a Respite Stay with Us

If you and your loved one would like to give a respite stay a try, contact The Manse on Marsh (or a local senior living community) to experience a community for yourself. We offer vibrant independent living and assisted living lifestyles that are perfectly designed to help seniors enjoy meaningful, abundant living. With assisted living on site and palliative care available, we want seniors to know that moving to our community is a secure choice to make for their future.

Contact our team today to learn more about our senior living services or to schedule a respite stay. We’re here to help you and your loved one as you plan the next step in their senior living journey.

Simply Abundant Living – The Manse on Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is widely recognized as the finest senior living community in San Luis Obispo County, California. Offering independent living, assisted living, respite care and palliative care, Manse on Marsh provides residents with the perfect blend of independence, privacy and safety all within the comforts of home.

The Manse on Marsh is simply abundant living – no matter the lifestyle or service a resident may require. In addition to a vibrant lifestyle that empowers residents to thrive, residents of The Manse on Marsh enjoy delicious daily dining, wellness-focused programming and a social calendar filled with endless activity and entertainment. The locally owned community offers a wide variety of cottage homes, along with studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment options.

Located along the scenic Central California coast in beautiful San Luis Obispo, The Manse on Marsh puts residents only steps away from fine dining, popular attractions, shopping and world-class medical care.

Learn more today by calling (805) 541-4222 or by visiting www.themanse.net.