5 Ideas For A Cozy, Crafty Autumn Season At The Manse On Marsh


Autumn is just beginning in the gorgeous town of San Luis Obispo, bringing with it slightly cooler temperatures, coastal fog creeping down the hills, and cozy warm nights indoors. Hot cups of tea, good books, and fun fall crafts give a special nostalgic quality to this time of year. A plethora of natural beauty surrounds this welcoming town. Creative minds teeming with inspiration from the resources all around us, invite those who have crafty hands and minds to put new ideas to work. The inviting pumpkins, gourds, and apples bring us back to a time long since passed where so many fun and seasonal images, sounds, smells, and tastes fill the air.

Fall is a great time to get out into nature and see what has been growing all year, and gather some goodies to make something special. Here is a list of 5 great craft ideas to include in your festive fall season.

  1. Iconic Fall imagery-  Leaves, corn, hay bales, cornucopias,  the full moon, squirrels, pumpkins, apples, wheat, bats, scarecrows, ravens, jack o'lanterns, and of course skeletons all make for wonderful fall imagery. To paint, stencil, stamp or carve any of these great fall themed icons would inspire some fun!

  2. Tabletop centerpiece crafts- Getting outside to gather pinecones, apples, twigs or dried flowers for arrangement in a vase is not only relaxing, but it is rewarding and easy to do. Not much planning is needed, just a little creativity in placement and maybe a ribbon or two. Put together this easy craft with just a few pebbles for inside the vase, and the natural items placed inside. Perfect fall centerpiece!

  3. Salt dough crafts- Using just simple kitchen ingredients like salt, flour and water make salt dough crafts a super easy and a fun thing to do. Limitless possibilities like sculptures, leaf pressings, ornaments, and pumpkin spice enhanced decorations, help to bring Autumn to the atmosphere of any space. Mix equal parts salt and flour, add a little water until it reaches a dough like consistency, and add spices for scent or even color. Bake or air dry when finished.

  4. Collage of fall flowers- Recycling old magazines into art projects and favorite flowers of fall into a collage is resourceful fun! Choosing to create a bouquet of yellow, red and orange sunflowers on a big piece of paper or cardboard is sure to enhance any room. The simplicity of collaging and spontaneity makes it extra fun and exciting. You never know what it will end up looking like, but you know it will be very colorful and beautiful to look at no matter what level crafter you are.

  5. Photography and picture crafts- Capturing moments that will last forever, a smile, hug or beautiful scene, photography and picture crafts make wonderful use of time. Setting up a still life, creating a fun fall portrait, or even scrapbooking with photos give a personal touch to fall crafts. With the right fall themed paper, stickers, stamps and embellishments can inspire the joy of Autumn crafting.



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