Fall Activities For Active Seniors




The long hot summer is finally over, and we finally can welcome the lovely fall weather. When days are chilly and skies stay overcast, it is still important to stay active. Seniors living at the Manse know how to stay active. Offering high-end assisted living, San Luis Obispo is the perfect town to retire in and enjoy year round. With local farms, pumpkin patches, and beautiful wildlife, the programs offered at The Manse are stimulating to those seeking an independent lifestyle.  Staying active is necessary as we age, so finding fun fall activities can be integrated into daily life during the Autumn season. It is easy to enjoy and adjust to assisted living, San Luis Obispo is always exciting and full of activities.


  1. Have a nordic walk! Nordic walking, or pole walking, is taking long strolls with specially designed Nordic walking poles. The benefits of supporting knee and hip joints while also engaging the cardiovascular system in a good workout, helps ease after workout pains and keeps you active without extra stress.

  2. Drive to the pumpkin patch! Share some quality time with friends and family and visit your local pumpkin patch. Sightseeing along the way, looking at the beauty in this season, and enjoy a hot beverage while enjoying the harvest season. Pumpkin patches make for a great opportunity to interact with grandchildren, and pose for photos.

  3. Carve or decorate some pumpkins! Once you’ve found the perfect pumpkin or two, give them life by carving a neat face or design into it, and placing a candle inside. If carving isn’t up your alley, give a little decoration to the pumpkins with hot glue, glitter, acrylic paint, stickers or even brightly colored feathers.

  4. Enjoy football season with others. As football season starts up again, many people like holding get togethers and watching the game to root for their favorite teams. Make some special hors d'oeuvres, pumpkin spice lattes, and snuggle up on the couch to enjoy the game.

  5. Bird watch in your local neighborhood- If you are a nature lover, check out the local birds during fall, sometimes new species come to the area during the fall migration south. The fall migration lasts longer than the spring migration so your chances of seeing new birds is better!


Keep comfortable during the fall activities by dressing in layers to easily warm up or cool off. Be aware of any slippery or muddy surfaces during the fall activities, and dress appropriately with comfortable shoes that have enough traction and grip.


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