Activities Professional Of The Year, Oscar Buenrostro, Creates A Fun Filled Senior Care Facility In San Luis Obispo At The Manse On Marsh

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-Oscar Buenrostro, the activities director of The Manse, recently was awarded a very honorable recognition, of “Activities Professional Of The Year.” The Southern California Association of Activities Professionals awards program (SCAAP) honors its members annually, who help create an on-going activity program that reflects favorably on the activity profession as a whole. The award given by the SCAAP shines a light on individuals with excellent professional standing as a whole, in the senior care facility environment, community and activity profession. San Luis Obispo is home to The Manse on Marsh, and is very proud to work with an award winning Activities Director like Oscar, who truly gives his heart to his work. His dedication shows just how much of a team player he is, and his wonderful personality shines through with each activity he plans for his residents.



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The Manse on Marsh


475 Marsh St.


San Luis Obispo, CA