Benefits of aging in a San Luis Obispo retirement community

The Manse on Marsh offers a high quality of life in it’s San Luis Obispo retirement community. Here’s a list of the greatest perks of growing older here.

The Happiest city in America

San Luis Obispo has been rated as one of the happiest cities in the United States. The area around San Luis Obispo, California, has almost limitless amounts of incredible day trips. Locals and visitors can relax at wineries, explore sand dunes, or take in the amazing coastal views along hiking and biking trails. San Luis Obispo prides itself on many community driven things, and for a list of excellent senior programs.

Seniors in a community stay happier

According to a study by the National Council on Aging seniors are staying more optimistic about their health and longevity. The more isolated and depressed a person becomes, the worse the health becomes.It is easier to be more relaxed with self identity, and feeling a part of a community has many social perks to keep optimism flowing. Happiness is found when people stay connected. Social connections help fight cognitivie decline build trust, achieve goals, and give emotional support.

The perfect climate year-round

Mild temperatures and sunshine are all year round. Can you imagine taking a stroll along the beach every morning? Or eating at an outdoor restaurant in the middle of winter with no need for a heater? On average, there are 287 sunny days per year, in San Luis Obispo, California. With around 20 inches of rain annually, and no snow in sight, this area provides a great climate for a retirement community. When thinking of all those sunny days and warm breezes, it’s easy to see why San Luis Obispo retirement communities have brighter days.

Culture and lifestyles

Not only is the weather just about perfect, but the culture of San Luis Obispo provides many possibilities for seniors to stay active.Seniors have a lot of activities to choose from, including golfing, boating, relaxing at the many beautiful beaches, shopping downtown, seeing some amazing cultural events, and much more. There might not be anything better than the cultural experiences a retiree has in San Luis Obispo, California.

Life moves slower here

San Luis Obispo is known for being SLO, and it fits. With such a focus on it’s beauty and culture, the lifestyle of this area isn’t as fast paced as some other cities in California. Our town is growing in many areas, and the laid-back Californian attitude is still center focus. Enjoyment of the arts, outdoors, and healthy lifestyles and education are apparent everywhere in the county. Small family farms, and bountiful natural beauty give San Luis a down-to-earth feeling which many citizens enjoy. The size of communities means more neighborhood interaction, and closer social bonds. People help each other in need, and the benefits of living in a small town are numerous.