How To Respond When A Friend Or Family Member Is Having A Medical Crisis

It can be overwhelming when a friend or family member is experiencing medical crisis. Fear for the welfare of the loved one and fear and pain on the part of the one in crisis creates a sense of urgency. Taking the best action and giving the best support can seem hard to do in emergency situations. The Manse on Marsh, provider of assisted living in Arroyo Grande, has some information to help people remain calm and make the best decisions.

The first thing to remember is to call 911 for any emergency. Being helpful and supportive during and after the crisis includes:

  • Clear communication
  • Reaching out for help
  • Self-care first
  • Help with the small stuff

Clear communication skills

Get prepared by learning how to communicate clearly and precisely to help ease the crisis. Always know why you are communicating, and remember that reaching out in person has a bigger impact. If talking in person isn’t possible then email or telephone. Listening can be more effective than talking at times and giving the person in-need a shoulder of support is very therapeutic.

Reach out for help

Assisted living Arroyo Grande providers like The Manse on Marsh know how much a helping hand can change the outcome of a medical crisis. With many resources available for different kinds of issues, it is important to know whom to contact for the job. Local specialists and support can be just a phone call or a click away.

Self care first

Seeing someone you love going through troubles with health can be draining. Focusing on them, their illness, and finding the time to do everyday tasks may become challenging. Assisted living Arroyo Grande residents have the staff necessary at the Manse on Marsh to support them following, or during a medical issue. Families who can invest in some self-care during these hard times, by relying on the help of an assisted living facility can reduce personal stress and caretaker burnout.

Help with the small stuff

When the big issues for a loved one has been addressed and a plan of action is set, take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Are all the needs being met? Is help needed for cooking meals, housekeeping, emotional support or a care package? Reaching out with phone calls, emails, and messages of hope can help inspire healing and confidence in the future. Make the little things count each and every day to help a person in need.