Natural disaster preparedness for assisted living San Luis Obispo residents

California has recently experienced wildfires, flooding and mudslides, bringing emergency preparedness to the forefront of concerns. Adding in California’s history of earthquakes makes emergency preparations even more important. Emergency plans for families and communities help with the safety of people at home, work, at school or some other activity, but what kinds of emergency preparedness plans help keep loved ones in retirement and assisted living? San Luis Obispo’s Manse on Marsh has a safe and prepared facility for seniors and has prepared some tips to help families make sure their loved ones will be as safe as possible in the event of a disaster.

Not only is it important to think about emergency scenarios, but it is also smart to make sure where a loved one resides is prepared for these situations. Here is a list of tips for families to review with the management of anyplace providing assisted living in San Luis Obispo or California.

  • Ask for the emergency plan. Assisted living facilities are required to have disaster preparedness plans in place. Residential care facilities for the elderly must have an emergency plan that includes: Evacuation procedures and plans for the facility to be self-reliant for a period of not less than 72 hours immediately following any disaster, including a long-term power failure. The assisted living facility should have a way to communicate with emergency response teams and to access emergency route information necessary for evacuation and relocation. Find out what the plans are and who would be in charge during an emergency or evacuation. More information is available from the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) disaster preparedness resources.
  • Make sure the facility is stocked up. Do some research and find out how the facility stays supplied during an emergency and if staff prepares in advance. Will there be enough food, water, and medication to keep residents going through an emergency crisis?
  • Ask about communication procedures. Normal lines of communication can be lost during an emergency so find out what alternative emergency communication procedures a San Luis Obispo assisted living facility has available. Ask about the chain of communication between staff and families of residents, and know which person to contact in an emergency.

  • How will staff address resident concerns? When emergency events happen it is tempting to stay glued to the news. Be aware that stressful situations can make elderly residents more aggravated or worried. Find out if the assisted living facility has a plan in place to keep them happy and active without overwhelming them with too much information.

  • Know the evacuation plans. When a coastal assisted living community experiences a crisis, make sure specific plans are in order to transport the residents to safety. Having a loved one in a community that has good evacuation plans set in place for any disaster is important when comparing assisted living facilities.

Having a friend or family member in an assisted living San Luis Obispo facility like the Manse on Marsh ensures a loved one is in the best hands. Their safety is well planned in advance.

Local and regional emergency services information is available for cities and counties throughout California. For San Luis Obispo information:

City of San Luis Obispo

County of San Luis Obispo

California Office of Emergency Services