The Manse on Marsh shares three ways that love can heal us

Spring is a time of year when our hearts flutter and we share life, love, and the beautiful connections that provide meaning for us all. For seniors at The Manse retirement community in San Luis Obispo, love is present year-round. The world is in bloom, beauty of this planet and best parts of living are the connections we have. Living is much richer when it is spent with the people who matter to us most, doing memorable things we enjoy. Looking into our new year with hope and possibilities, and many healthy resolutions, we’d love to share three ways that love heals us.

Unconditional love

When we think of love, we often envision a couple holding hands and walking down a beach. Another one of the most common forms of love you’ll see is that of humans and their furry friends. The Manse retirement community in San Luis Obispo is pet friendly. Pets provide people with assistance, companionship, loyalty, and most of all, unconditional love. Unwavering nonjudgmental love keeps us healthier, and happier.

The American Heart Association has linked to the ownership of pets to a reduced risk for heart disease and greater lifespan. Seniors over age 64 with pets make an average 35-percent fewer visits to their doctors than seniors without pets. Our fluffy companions can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Animals also promote social interaction, encourage exercise, playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection.

Love and romance

As we live longer, we love longer and having a special someone to share with makes life better in so many ways. Seniors who are dating look younger and sometimes act younger. Older people with social lives are more inclined to be more physically active by taking walks or shopping together, or playing golf or swimming; maybe even a rousing game or two of tennis!

Family bonds that strengthen

Having loving family close by can improve health and social bonds. Especially relevant for people later life, these critical social connections boost the quality of life. Keeping strong social connections can help relieve harmful levels of stress, which can negatively affect the heart, gut function, insulin regulation, and immune systems. Thanks to research, we now know that family bonds and caring behaviors trigger the release of stress-reducing hormones. Serotonin, the hormone responsible for happiness and the feeling of wellbeing, dopamine the pleasure hormone, and oxytocin the love hormone, all play a role in effecting our daily lives and increasing our longevity.

Having friends and family visit our award winning retirement community in San Luis Obispo for fun activities, holidays, and memorable moments makes a huge difference, so finding time to make connections on a regular basis is important.

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