Spring into a Healthy You


DuringOlder Americans Month

May brings spring flowers, sunny days, sunshine and fresh air ... but did you know it also brings a focus on seniors and senior care? Each May since 1963, the Administration on Aging observes Older Americans Month (a celebration that, at 55 years old, is entering its “senior years” as well). 

In the past, its focus was on honoring the contributions made by older members of our society. Over the years, the focus has switched to being more on helping older Americans live healthy, active, social and long lives. This year’s theme, “Engage at Every Age,” celebrates ways to enrich your life through emotional, mental and physical well-being.

All around the country, senior centers and communities will be participating in activities and events to “unleash the power of age.” It’s a great opportunity for seniors to be active in the community – literally and figuratively – by volunteering to help beautify community areas, participating in fun runs or walks to benefit various charities or educate the public – both young and old – by sharing their stories and showing their communities that getting older doesn’t mean slowing down.

At The Manse on Marsh we treat every month as Older Americans Month and are proud to continue offering enriching, engaging and life-affirming activities each day for our residents.  To officially celebrate Older Americans Month we’re hosting special events that are open to the public – and we’d love for you to attend. 

Part 1: The Art of Aging

Dr. Steven Sainsbury He only makes house-calls!

Dr. Steven Sainsbury
He only makes house-calls!

 Living a healthy lifestyle is the best and biggest way seniors can enrich their lives and stay active. According to the National Council on Aging, approximately 80% of American seniors have at least one chronic disease such as stroke, diabetes, cancer or heart disease (and 77% have at least two of these). By learning healthy ways to manage and avoid diseases, older Americans can increase their productivity, independence and security.

To help our residents and community learn more about senior health issues, The Manse will be hosting a seminar featuring our very own house-call doctor, Dr. Steven J. Sainsbury.

We love Dr. Sainsbury, not just because he’s engaging, kind and able to explain complex medical situations in a clear and easily understandable manner, but also because he has a unique approach to healthcare and his patients. Unlike most doctors, Dr. Sainsbury doesn’t have an office where he sees patients – instead, he visits each and every one in their homes. 

“Having Dr. Sainsbury is such a benefit to our residents – and to us,” says Farron Bernhardt
Executive Director at The Manse. “House calls are so much less stressful, plus he really is able to give everyone a one-on-one, personal experience. I think there’s a real need for more doctors like him, who are able to visit patients in a place where they’re comfortable and also give excellent medical care and advice.”

For more information about Dr. Sainsbury, visit www.drsainsbury.com.

For more information about Older Americans Month, please visit https://oam.acl.gov/index.html.

Please visit The Manse on Marsh website  https://www.themanse.net for more information on our special events and how we celebrate seniors at our community.