Older Americans Month


Part 2: Thrive Through Creativity

Taking care of oneself is not limited to physical well-being. In fact, studies have shown that mental and emotional health have just as much influence on your overall ability to thrive. So, as you’re eating well and exercising regularly, also make sure your mind is stimulated and your spirit is being enriched.

According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Studies, researchers have identified six unique attributes that play a role in successful aging: personal growth, health, self-acceptance, autonomy, interaction with others and a sense of purpose. Based on their research, creative activities such as writing, dancing, painting and making music can encompass a variety of these features to encourage growth, purpose and competence.

“As we age, our priorities and our lifestyles shift,” says Oscar Buenrostro, our Activities Director. “In our younger years, we’re often defined by our role as a parent or a career-focused individual. But once our children have grown and we’ve retired, it’s normal to feel a loss of purpose, which can have a significant effect on our health and well-being. However, channeling energies and interests into artistic activities builds confidence, engages the mind, relieves boredom and gives seniors excitement, pride, energy and satisfaction.”

Some older adults may be hesitant to try new artistic endeavors because they don’t think of themselves as “creative.” So, it’s important to think a bit outside the box when it comes to finding fun and rewarding activities. For example, do you enjoy baking or making candy? Challenging yourself with a new recipe or learning a new cooking technique can open a whole new world of delicious possibilities. Or if you enjoy taking pictures, enroll in a photography class to learn how to improve your eye and capture moments that are meaningful to you. Opportunities to express yourself are everywhere, if you keep an open mind and follow your interests.

In the spirit of celebrating life and thriving through creativity, we welcome you to celebrate with us on Monday, May 28th at 3:00 pm for a very special Memorial Day event. Alongside celebrating our resident Veterans, you will also enjoy a performance by the Kindred Spirits Choir. This group of 30 women enjoy their friendships, love to sing 4-part music and perform all around San Luis Obispo County. Their amazing harmonies and repertoire will entertain and remind you just how important the contributions of our armed forces are each day we enjoy our freedoms in the good old USA! We promise it will be an event to remember.

The Manse is honored to serve those who have served our country. We offer special rates for Veterans and surviving spouses and will help you qualify for the pensions and benefits you have earned. Please contact us at (805)316-7186 for more details.

Please visit The Manse on Marsh website  https://www.themanse.net for more information on our special events and how we celebrate seniors at our community.