The Manse on Marsh shares three ways that love can heal us

Spring is a time of year when our hearts flutter and we share life, love, and the beautiful connections that provide meaning for us all. For seniors at The Manse retirement community in San Luis Obispo, love is present year-round. The world is in bloom, beauty of this planet and best parts of living are the connections we have. Living is much richer when it is spent with the people who matter to us most, doing memorable things we enjoy. Looking into our new year with hope and possibilities, and many healthy resolutions, we’d love to share three ways that love heals us.

Unconditional love

When we think of love, we often envision a couple holding hands and walking down a beach. Another one of the most common forms of love you’ll see is that of humans and their furry friends. The Manse retirement community in San Luis Obispo is pet friendly. Pets provide people with assistance, companionship, loyalty, and most of all, unconditional love. Unwavering nonjudgmental love keeps us healthier, and happier.

The American Heart Association has linked to the ownership of pets to a reduced risk for heart disease and greater lifespan. Seniors over age 64 with pets make an average 35-percent fewer visits to their doctors than seniors without pets. Our fluffy companions can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Animals also promote social interaction, encourage exercise, playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection.

Love and romance

As we live longer, we love longer and having a special someone to share with makes life better in so many ways. Seniors who are dating look younger and sometimes act younger. Older people with social lives are more inclined to be more physically active by taking walks or shopping together, or playing golf or swimming; maybe even a rousing game or two of tennis!

Family bonds that strengthen

Having loving family close by can improve health and social bonds. Especially relevant for people later life, these critical social connections boost the quality of life. Keeping strong social connections can help relieve harmful levels of stress, which can negatively affect the heart, gut function, insulin regulation, and immune systems. Thanks to research, we now know that family bonds and caring behaviors trigger the release of stress-reducing hormones. Serotonin, the hormone responsible for happiness and the feeling of wellbeing, dopamine the pleasure hormone, and oxytocin the love hormone, all play a role in effecting our daily lives and increasing our longevity.

Having friends and family visit our award winning retirement community in San Luis Obispo for fun activities, holidays, and memorable moments makes a huge difference, so finding time to make connections on a regular basis is important.

Discover the many ways retirement community living can enrich lives then give The Manse on Marsh a call for more information.

Top assisted living trends for 2018

This week, The Manse on Marsh, provider of assisted living in San Luis Obispo, compiled a list of the top new assisted living trends. San Luis Obispo has a forward thinking facility, which is making the difference for a healthier, and much happier new years. Assisted living providers know that 75-percent of seniors require help with their daily living activities. Keeping up with the latest in trends, medical care and housing for seniors is important to The Manse.

With an emergence of health conscious technology, this year is set to have more streamlined healthcare options and lifestyle choices which can help tackle the 80-percent of seniors with chronic health conditions. The integration and innovation is getting better each day, making sure that issues are promptly met and dealt with. Hands-on compassionate care is ensured to give each resident the attention they need on a daily basis.

Gone are the days of the “nursing homes” where residents lived out their days with little social interaction. A new era of friendly person-centered care will lead the design and function of assisted living communities of the future. As the senior population blooms, 2018 will see more assisted living communities designed specifically to appeal to specific groups of seniors with similar courtesies and customs.

Some of the top trends The Manse is focusing on this year include:

  • Thoughtfully designed units with integrated medical systems, which will be making a difference in living spaces of those who are in need.
  • Personalized living spaces, from the size of the space to decor. Keeping the residents comfortable in a homey environment helps the residents in assisted living San Luis Obispo stay happy.
  • *New food options, menu items, and custom dietary needs are addressed. The Manse is always keeping up with the latest in nutritional guidelines and recommendations, while encouraging a healthy balanced diet and stress-free access to freshly prepared meals.
  • Choice in activities including all the latest in trends in exercise, socialization and beneficial growth to each unique person’s needs.
  • Access to culture, libraries, shops and restaurants in the local area, keep residents connected to the community all year round.
  • Smart designed spaces with smaller footprints, kitchenettes, and personalized room options.
  • Social environments like restaurants and cyber cafes provide much needed meeting grounds for residents who like to share time together.
  • Safety features keeping residents safe from harm.
  • Maintenance and transportation innovations keeping staff updated on resident needs.

The Manse on Marsh is giving assisted living in San Luis Obispo a much bigger emphasis on meaningful socialization, healing, and more. The assisted living community at The Manse is happy to be at the forefront, by offering a delightful menu of activities such as exercise classes, game nights, barbecues, performances, book clubs, and outings around San Luis Obispo’s movies, museums, shops and restaurants.

The elderly sometimes live with acute or chronic medical problems or disabilities. Although these circumstances require interventions and support, significant limitations may remain, including a division between medical and social care. The standards for quality living and assistance at the Manse make sure that residents can count on their needs being met with dignity and the highest degree of care.

Seeking independent living as a senior, maintaining independent living

When a person you love becomes less independent than they once were, it can be tricky to know where to turn or what to do next. Keeping loved ones independent yet comfortable is a top priority for many facing the realization that a living situation may need to change. There is a place that supports and sustains independent living in San Luis Obispo. It is in our nature to strive for independence, even from an early age. Living in a place that can help foster an independence and healthy growth in all aspects of life, or add support being for self-sufficient, for San Luis Obispo seniors who seek independent living the Manse is an excellent option. Seniors can feel a sense of achievement in gaining independence by being involved in their own daily lives, the Manse provides many choices for unique lifestyles. Getting the top care and home environment that can provide stability, social opportunities and any needs catered to, the independent living senior facility The Manse serves generations of San Luis Obispo residents who stay independent in their community.

Essentials are within reach

Staying independent as a senior can be made easier when everything needed for daily life is supplied. Meals, transportation, housekeeping, and medicine refills are just some of ways The Manse keeps up with a high standard of care. Staying well stocked is an essential component in ensuring physical and emotional well being. When driving, cooking or cleaning becomes a challenging activity for an elderly parent, the independent living San Luis Obispo facility The Manse on Marsh can help. Residents living on their own terms, in comfortable spaces with every amenity of home within reach, and options for making independent choices and decisions keep the stress much lower during daily living.

Shopping online

Seniors are accustomed to leading productive lives, and their days should involve hobbies and engaging activities. With new technology to support daily life of the home, all generations can become immersed in society in multiple new ways. Social media, emailing, websites and search engines have made our world a hyperconnected place. Shopping no longer needs to happen in the old fashioned way, and for seniors who want to stay independent can get anything they need with the tap of a smartphone. Shipping, e-commerce and engaging in social activity are helping seniors live comfortably and with every comfort of home. Having the internet provides seniors nearly limitless possible storefronts from across the globe, to fulfill the many needs and wants an independent living San Luis Obispo resident has.

Emotional needs

Staying independent can be harder for seniors who live alone, with so much to take care of around the house, and needs to be met. Often times when looking for help we sometimes overlook the emotional needs. Humans are emotional beings and require a delicate, and loving interaction to help create a happy, healthy life. With so much at stake, it is very important to seek out help and support for the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. To address emotional needs, just having a friend nearby who understands and can listen or converse, and community to thrive and grow make all the difference. The Manse frequently arranges regular visits to places in the local community. Today’s healthy seniors at The Manse have new resources to make life easier. Emotional needs being met, as they continue enjoying the freedom of living independently. The Manse caregivers and the residents have strong confidence in the future.

No place for loneliness

Loneliness can be risky for seniors. According to University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, a study of 2,100 adults age 55+ found that seniors who were lacking close personal connections actually elevated an individual’s risk of premature death by 14 percent. When senior parent or loved one is alone, the chance that they are lonely and not living a fulfilling life is higher. The Manse on Marsh helps keep a rich social atmosphere with activities and friends available to residents to combat loneliness. As people, we feel the need for sincere companionship, and at The Manse, it still exists.

What ifs and emergencies

Caregivers and family are often concerned when their elderly loved ones are home alone, especially since as we age, it is easier for falls to happen, and if that happens with nobody to help in sight, the situation may turn dire.The truth is, falls and acute medical events (such as heart attacks or strokes) occur, and each second that passes can mean life or death. With the number of staff on hand and commitment to health and safety, the Manse provides independent seniors a life with backup help. Living alone can feel scary as we age, and phone communication isn’t always enough support. The Manse is giving new meaning to elderly independence for the healthy aging population as well as those living with chronic conditions.

Benefits of aging in a San Luis Obispo retirement community

The Manse on Marsh offers a high quality of life in it’s San Luis Obispo retirement community. Here’s a list of the greatest perks of growing older here.

The Happiest city in America

San Luis Obispo has been rated as one of the happiest cities in the United States. The area around San Luis Obispo, California, has almost limitless amounts of incredible day trips. Locals and visitors can relax at wineries, explore sand dunes, or take in the amazing coastal views along hiking and biking trails. San Luis Obispo prides itself on many community driven things, and for a list of excellent senior programs.

Seniors in a community stay happier

According to a study by the National Council on Aging seniors are staying more optimistic about their health and longevity. The more isolated and depressed a person becomes, the worse the health becomes.It is easier to be more relaxed with self identity, and feeling a part of a community has many social perks to keep optimism flowing. Happiness is found when people stay connected. Social connections help fight cognitivie decline build trust, achieve goals, and give emotional support.

The perfect climate year-round

Mild temperatures and sunshine are all year round. Can you imagine taking a stroll along the beach every morning? Or eating at an outdoor restaurant in the middle of winter with no need for a heater? On average, there are 287 sunny days per year, in San Luis Obispo, California. With around 20 inches of rain annually, and no snow in sight, this area provides a great climate for a retirement community. When thinking of all those sunny days and warm breezes, it’s easy to see why San Luis Obispo retirement communities have brighter days.

Culture and lifestyles

Not only is the weather just about perfect, but the culture of San Luis Obispo provides many possibilities for seniors to stay active.Seniors have a lot of activities to choose from, including golfing, boating, relaxing at the many beautiful beaches, shopping downtown, seeing some amazing cultural events, and much more. There might not be anything better than the cultural experiences a retiree has in San Luis Obispo, California.

Life moves slower here

San Luis Obispo is known for being SLO, and it fits. With such a focus on it’s beauty and culture, the lifestyle of this area isn’t as fast paced as some other cities in California. Our town is growing in many areas, and the laid-back Californian attitude is still center focus. Enjoyment of the arts, outdoors, and healthy lifestyles and education are apparent everywhere in the county. Small family farms, and bountiful natural beauty give San Luis a down-to-earth feeling which many citizens enjoy. The size of communities means more neighborhood interaction, and closer social bonds. People help each other in need, and the benefits of living in a small town are numerous.

The Manse celebrates Valentines Day

Did you know The Manse on Marsh is a fun [Assisted Living facility in San Luis Obispo]1? Not only do we take very good care of our residents, but we also like to put on a show. The Manse is happy to announce two days full of fun and excitement. We invite you to our Mardi Gras & Valentine's Day Festivities, on February 13 -14.

Mardi Gras

2/13 - 11:30 a.m. Join us at the Manse for delicious BBQ, tasty drinks, and a soulful Jazz Band. Assisted living has never been better on this Fat Tuesday celebration.

Valentines Dinner Show

2/14 - 4:30 p.m. The Bald Spots Singing Group was formed in 1993 for a one-time performance for a San Luis Obispo Vocal Arts Ensemble "Pops" concert. No one has been able to shut them up in the ensuing 16 years. This well-preserved "boy band" performs rock and roll songs from the pre-Beatles era. Their performances are sprinkled with comedy and heart thumping choreography.- Popular songs from the 50s & 60s

Please RSVP by Monday, February 12th (805) 541-4222