Senior Care San Luis Obispo

Are you a SLO County resident in need of top notch Senior Care? San Luis Obispo’s The Manse on Marsh is just the place to go! Here at The Manse on Marsh, our staff consists of friendly, selfless individuals with an unparalleled passion for senior care. Located at 475 Marsh Street, we are directly in the heart of San Luis Obispo, where all the beauty of California’s Central Coast can be taken in from the comfort of home. The beautiful, lively scenery, stunning green hillsides, and warm ocean air flowing through in the wind all just add to the unrivaled majesty of the location.

 The Manse on Marsh, a San Luis Obispo Senior Care Facility

The Manse on Marsh, a San Luis Obispo Senior Care Facility

You may think that The Manse on Marsh is nothing more than a stereotypical living community: unkempt, droll, tight-knit housing units where the residents are treated poorly, with no concern for their health, happiness, or overall well-being. We can assure you that this is certainly not the case! Instead, upon entering The Manse, you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment that strives to improve the quality of lives for our residents with a large variety of fun activities, quality cuisine, fine housing units, and on-site caretakers to meet all the needs of our valued residents.

This is all thanks to the owner of our establishment, Chris Skiff. Ever since graduating with honors from UCLA, Chris has been developing affordable senior apartments from the age of just 23! With the largest developer of its kind on the West Coast, he’s since been involved in the establishment of over 20 thriving senior communities. He’s devoted his entire career to doing his best to provide quality Senior Care. San Luis Obispo based The Manse on Marsh is just one of many examples of this. Chris’s award winning communities seek to shatter the stigmas that come to mind such as those previously mentioned and instead invoke ideas of tranquility, unity, and passion. 

Anybody can make these claims, but at The Manse these aren’t just claims; they’re merits. That’s why we proudly offer tours of our community to any potential residents or family members of residents to prove that our community is just as lovely as we say it is. Our tours will take you through the entire property and show off the available housing units, as well as furnishings that come with them. Potential residents can even stay for a brief period of time with full access to the complimentary services we offer to see if The Manse on Marsh is right for them, you can’t lose!

To schedule a tour or respite stay at our Senior Care San Luis Obispo facility, give us a call at (805) 541-4222

We hope to see you soon!